5 Things I Like About Hong Kong

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When I was a child, I would often read books about different countries and its people. This has lead me to believe that indeed, there are so many things to learn and discover outside PH and so since then, it has been my distant dream to be able to travel and live outside the Philippines.

I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to become an expat in one of Asia's bustling city - Hong Kong.  I'm in my second year of living here and it's definitely been one of the most memorable experiences I have so far!

And so today, I would like to share with you guys the five things I like about Hong Kong.

1. Transportation

Okay, I don't mean to diss Manila [where the traffic is beyond horrible] but if there's one thing I really like about living in Hong Kong is that you can go pretty much anywhere in less than an hour or so. Everything is very well connected and documented that you can locate almost any area on Google Maps! If you're near an MTR station, you're definitely solved. There are also ferries for those who travel to the outlying islands.

And of course the tram! It's just 2.60 HKD for anywhere in Hong Kong Island. If you are not in a hurry and just want to unwind, the tram is a good way to pass the time. Just be ready to get squeezed during peak hours.

2. Outdoors

My love for hiking definitely flourished in Hong Kong. There are numerous trails to choose from and probably 99% of them are paved which means there are signages and markers along the way, lessening the chance for you to get lost. You can also view trails on GMaps which is a bonus. Jose and I have been trekking most of the Maclehose Trail since he came here a few months ago and boy, we have a lot more to go.

Another favorite outdoor activity that I was introduced to upon coming to Hong Kong is junk trip! Basically, you board this wooden boat they call junk boats and you cruise along the waters surrounding Hong Kong Islands with your booze (a must!), music, floaters and swimwear. You'd probably end the day either drunk, seasick, tanned or all of the above. If you wanna take your party to the next level, I would recommend you try this with your squad.

3. Nightlife

Once upon a time, my friends and I were constant visitors of Lan Kwai Fong (LKF). Going out to party was then a new and interesting experience for me and some of my Filipino friends so yeah. You know the drill. Drinks are not cheap in the bars so we usually get booze from somewhere cheap and drink at home Filipino style and then go somewhere to hit the dance floor. One thing that we really liked is that most bars feature Filipino bands and in some way, jamming with them make us feel a little closer to home.

4. Diversity 

It is a known fact that Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures - east meets west as they say. Due to it being a financial center, lots of nationalities from different parts of the globe come here for work or business related activities. This makes the city very diverse. You'll surely meet different kinds of people.

5. Climate

Coming from a tropical country, experiencing winter in Hong Kong is like a breath of fresh air. My most favorite part is being able to wear cold climate clothes. It gets too cold for me sometimes where I dreaded taking a bath but nothing that a little bit of courage can't solved. :)

There you go guys. For those of you who have been to Hong Kong, let me know what you like the most here on the comment section below.

Have a great day friends! :)