Cebu 2015: Oslob

Friday, June 26, 2015
I always have this feeling of nostalgia when I think of my friends who are mostly based in Cebu now. They are my closest bunch, having spent four years in college together. After graduation, we went our separate ways and I'm one of the few who based in Manila, far way from them and the the gimmicks we used to do back then.

Thankfully, budget airlines like AirAsia offers a lot of promo fares from Manila to Cebu. Hence, I can just book myself a two-way ticket in a breeze because I don't have to worry about the fee as it's so affordable. Thank you, AirAsia!

So I visited Cebu once again last week (June 18-22, 2015) to catch up with my guys and gals. Because it's less of an adventure to just stay in the city for the whole weekend, the gang went to Oslob, Cebu for some beach, waterfalls and whale shark watching.
From Cebu South Terminal, we rode a bus going to Alcoy, Cebu. We departed from the city at around 10:30AM and arrived at our chosen resort, Voda Krasna Beach Resort, around 1PM. The good thing about the resorts in that area in Alcoy is that they just beside the highway, thus, very accessible. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the villa we stayed. Forgetfulness struck me before leaving Manila - I left my camera, my power bank and my charger and my phone wasn't fully charged so I just have a few photos with me. 

Voda Krasna Beach Resort 
After checking in, we left most of our belongings in our villa, and rushed to Tumalog Waterfalls - a 30 minute ride away by bus from Voda Krasna, costing us 45Php (non-aircon bus). The driver dropped us at a makeshift terminal for motorcycles that took us to the falls. It's a steep and winding road going up to so you really need to hold on to the driver or to your fellow passenger while going there. At the gate, we paid 20Php for the entrace and 60Php for the motorcycle fee. From the there, we walked again going to actual site in a downhill cemented road. Finally, we reached Tumalog Falls and this view welcomed us.

Tumalhog Falls - closer look 
The guys wasted no time and plunge into the cold water of the falls. I hesitated going for a dip at first after seeing the level and the cloudiness of the water but #yolo so ditch the kaartehan. Experience while you can. =P

The water is quite shallow that time.

After the waterfalls, we went back to the resort then went out again to buy some food for dinner at Alcoy Public Market. We spent the night swimming at the beach while indulging ourselves in catch up talks, games, gin and beer.


Saturday indeed and Sunday came which means swimming with the whale shark. 

It took us another 45 minutes from the resort to get the where the butandings are. I forgot to get the name of the resort where we went for the activity because it was the bus driver who dropped us there. I was still in a state of hangover and dizziness due to only 3 hours of sleep but I pulled myself together because I was quite eager to see our not so little friends in the sea, ignoring any other details in the surroundings. 

We paid 600Php to be able to swim with the whale sharks. If you just want to watch them from the boat, you only pay half. In the jump-off point, tourists were briefed on what to and not to do during the 30 minutes we have with the creatures. After which, a boat took us a few meters from the shore and our time started ticking. Some guides were feeding the whale sharks so it would go near the boats of the tourists. Since we only have half an hour to interact with the butandings, we made the most of it by taking pictures.

Hello, big fellow!

Admiring from a distance :)

This photo is from one my friends, Pmar.

We were told that the ones we saw were still 'babies'.  Yet, imagine how huge the are! While the others are busy taking selfies, I tried to observe the smaller fishes that follow the big fish wherever it goes. The sea has really wonderful things beneath. Though I was initially afraid to get to the water, I was eventually able to conquer my fear of the deep and big fishes. Whale sharks are gentle and cute creatures despite their size.

Our 30 minutes has ended and we headed back to the resort to shower and pack our things. Before going back to the city, a group picture first!

The gang - grabbed photo from Dobie :)

We departed from Alcoy at around 2PM and reached the city by 5:30PM. 


It was a fun-filled weekend indeed. Cebu is a beautiful place though I haven't explored the other attractions yet. Nonetheless, the very thing that will really make me come back is the company of my good friends which is worth looking forward to all the time. As what they say, 
"The fun depends on who you are with."

Thank you so much Sugbu Pips! See you again, soon.  =)