Guess it's HELLO 23!

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Hello first post of 2015! I have been busy and lazy. :D

So, two days from now, that's March 14, I'm gonna celebrate my 23rd birthday!

Wait, what? 23? Really, I'm turning 23?!

It feels like a breeze! Looking back at those memories that happened a few years back, it seems like it all just happened yesterday. High school and college graduation, my first day at work, my transfer to another company, my travels - most of the memories are quite vague now, all I know is that many things have happened in almost 23 years of my existence. 

Sometimes, I can't even believe that I'm in my early 20's right now because I don't quite feel that I'm 'old' enough. Yes, you read it right, old. When I was a child, I always see people this age as already old people because they have jobs, money, independence and all the other things most adults enjoy.
I guess, age is just really a number as I still feel so young and carefree.

On another note, I'm nearing quarter life so I guess there will be a lot more dramas this year and in the next year and in the next next year. Well, people don't really run out of dramas in their lives but the only thing I hope is that I'll be able to surpass whatever obstacles that I may encounter in the coming days. I know God has a lot of wonderful plans laid for me and for my loved ones so I'll just take things in stride, one step at a time.

Thank you Lord God, I'm 23. I have a loving family, a strong relationship with my boyfriend, a stable job and a bucketful of dreams and adventures waiting in line.

Guess it's 'Hello 23' then... :)

P.S. Thank you so much to my boyfriend and buddy, Jose Mari for the wonderful surprise. The flowers are just as lovely! I love you! :*