Moringa-O2 Herbal Shampoo

Saturday, March 28, 2015
Hooray for my very first product review! 

They say the hair is a woman's crowning glory. Hence, when it comes to choosing a shampoo for my hair, I always take into consideration the quality of the product as well as the side-effects that it may cause since I discovered that there are shampoos that I am allergic to. I am following Team Kramer's page on Facebook as I am an avid fan of their family and that's where I learned about Moringa-O2 Herbal Shampoo. So when I was able to drop by at Watsons Burgundy Tower in Ortigas last week, I bought a 200ml bottle that costs Php 185.00.

Palawan Escapade: Puerto Prinsesa

Friday, March 27, 2015
Palawan is an unspoiled island rich in luscious white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. I believe it is in every Pinoy wanderlust's bucket list.  Last February 21-24, 2015, I was blessed enough to explore Palawan's capital, Puerto Prinsesa City with my former office mates.

The Rosario Family, my trip buddies!

Guess it's HELLO 23!

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Hello first post of 2015! I have been busy and lazy. :D

So, two days from now, that's March 14, I'm gonna celebrate my 23rd birthday!

Wait, what? 23? Really, I'm turning 23?!

It feels like a breeze! Looking back at those memories that happened a few years back, it seems like it all just happened yesterday. High school and college graduation, my first day at work, my transfer to another company, my travels - most of the memories are quite vague now, all I know is that many things have happened in almost 23 years of my existence.