Why I Love #TeamKramer

Monday, March 17, 2014
If you're an avid twitter user, you probably have heard, read or noticed about #TeamKramer which had trended a lot of times on Twitter PH. Team Kramer is a celebrity family here in the Philippines composed of Doug Kramer (dad), Chesca Garcia-Kramer (mom), Kendra Kramer (eldest daughter), Scarlett Kramer (second daughter), Gavin Kramer (youngest, only son).  Miss Chesca is a celebrity and endorser while Mr. Doug is a professional basketball player playing for the San Miguel Coffee, as of this writing.

From L-R: Chesca, Kendra, Gavin, Scarlett, Doug
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I am an avid follower of their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. I believe that what caught the hearts of their fans was the three super-cute-to-the-nth-level children, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin. The charm these little kids have is just a delight to me and to the thousand of fans they have.  Miss Chesca and Mr. Doug is constantly posting photos and videos about them so I'm quite updated. I would often sneak a peek on my instagram when I am feeling stressed already at work because seeing the family's photos and videos of bonding moments just takes my stress away!

Today, I will not talk much about Mama Chesca and Papa Doug because they are already as famous as they are. I will talk more about their three angels which had totally captured my heart. 

Kendra, the eldest, have grown to be a pretty and witty little lady as showcased when the whole family guested in Vice Ganda's show, Gandang Gabi Vice, recently. Kendra, aka #kendrasuperstar totally blew away the audience with her confidence and adorable cuteness. I was laughing really hard with that episode as Vice was no match for her. Haha! I believe the #TagalogTime became popular (correct me if I'm wrong) because Kendra is being taught Tagalog words and her parents would post videos of her speaking cutely.  She has the celebrity potential as she is really confident in front of the camera aside from the fact that she is really pretty too. Look at that face! 
Uuuugh, I love you, Ate Kenken!

Image courtesy of Team Kramer Facebook Page

 Scarlett, aka  #scarlettdoll  is also called "Dolly" by her parents and fans because she really looks like a doll. She is a little "pilya" but is really sweet and shy too. And she has this enticingly kissable cheeks! For sure, she'll grow up as beautiful and as lovely as her ate Kenken and Mama Chesca one day. By the way, try to dig the famous video of Scar making "away" to her Ate Kenken. When their mom asked her "what did you do to Ate? ", Scar then pretended to be asleep. Hahaha! What a clever little miss this baby girl is!
Hello there, baby Scaaaaar!

Image courtesy of Team Kramer Facebook Page

And then, there's my baby boy crush Gavin, aka #gavincredible, the youngest and the only son of the family as of this writing. I just looooooove this little mister gwapo! His innocence is heart melting, really. And mind you, this boy will grow up a heartthrob one day. Just look at those tantalizing eyes! See now what I'm talking about? I hope he'll not break too many hearts though. Hehe.
Kisses, Gaviiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

Image courtesy of Team Kramer Facebook Page

So back to the question, why I love #TeamKramer? Simply because they are a wonderful wonderful  family. The parents do their best to raise their children in a very good way and they are very grounded on their faith which is really very important in raising a family that's God-loving and God-fearing. I so much love and adore this family and I hope I can be as good as a parent as Ms. Chesca and Mr. Doug one day. 

Thank you so much Team Kramer for sharing your family with all of us. May you continue to inspire the thousands of Filipino families through your good works and deeds!

If you want to know more about Team Kramer, follow their Facebook Page, Team Kramer.
Sorry for murdering the word "cute" here because they really are. I cant even! Cuteness overload!!!

PS :  They will be holding a #TeamKramerAtGlorietta meet-and-greet event on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 1-4PM. They will be giving 400 exclusive tickets for their lucky fans. Visit their facebook page for more info.