Wednesday, March 19, 2014
"Ang hindi na ginagamit, ibenta mo na!"
I bet you already heard this line in televisions and other campaigns of Sulit, an online platform where you can buy and sell items posted by its members (to which I am a member also). Today, Sulit has embarked into another journey as it is now known as So don't be surprised (like I did!) when your browser will redirect you to when you go to This change has been brought about by Sulit being now a member of the OLX network, one of the world's biggest ads network.

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According to the post of one of its administrators, "The objective of changing our name to OLX is to get the attention of every Filipino that now’s the time to make some changes of their own and join the millions of people around the globe like in India, Brazil, and Portugal, who have already used OLX to sell their things.  The name change to OLX aims to inspire Filipinos to re-think what they know about Sulit, and to re-think what they have to sell online. The name OLX originally came as an abbreviation of the phrase ‘online exchange’."

With this, the website's interface is changed to showcase the new brand colors. Noticed the blues and oranges? Their android app is also upgraded to cater these changes. They are also expanding their customer support to attend to their customers' needs even on nights and weekends. 

Kudos to this Sulit team! I mean team! ;)  
Good luck on your future endeavors! 

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to Sulit nor I am paid to post this. All infos are found here.