BPI More Fun Prepaid Card

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Nowadays, most purchase transactions are already done through cards. In the past, only credit cards  are accepted in electronic purchase orders (EPS) but now we can already use our debit cards. Yet, our debit cards can only do as much because of its limitations. In our country, most debit cards offered by banks can't be used to purchase airline tickets which is very important for frustrated travelers like me. 

Yet, thanks to this new service by the Bank of the Philippine Islands and the Department of Tourism, we now have the More Fun In the Philippines Prepaid Card - VISA powered! This is very good for those who do not want to tie themselves to credit cards and for those who are not good in handling money like me (but I'm working to end this habit hehehe). As this is prepaid, you just have to load it when you need to purchase something and you can use it just like credit cards, everywhere where VISA is accepted. This doesn't require a maintaining balance and you only need to pay PHP 250.00 for the application fee.

Some more features:

Has 16 digit Card Number
Card Validity is 18 months
Card carries Cardholder's name
With signature panel at the back where cardholder signs the card
Has CVC 2/Card Verification 2 (3 digit number located at the right of the signature panel)
Reloadable up to 100,000.00

More Fun Prepaid Card cannot be used at the ATMs

To apply, you don't need to go to a BPI bank anymore as you can do it online. 

1. Go to and click the pink arrow pointing down.

I really like how they set up the page! It's responsive and it's very colorful. I love pastel colors! 

2. On the next page click the Apply call out. You will be directed to Step 1. 
Choose your card design from the gallery or upload your own! See? It's very customizable.

3. Fill in the details needed in Step 2 and Submit.

Find a BPI branch nearest to you where you can conveniently claim your card.

If the card is ready, you will be notified via email. Head to your nominated branch, present the printed Purchase Agreement Form (attached to the email) and your payment to claim your card. To start using it, just load it and viola! Enjoy shopping! :D

By the way, here's my card.

 I opt for the Philippine Tarsier picture because it's our pride (my father is a Boholano) and it's already endangered. I'm showing my support for their protection via this card. I find tarsiers very cute and fragile. I do hope we Filipino people will do our best to protect them especially now that they are declining in numbers. Please please don't take them as pets. Don't support any illegal activity concerning them. 

For more information about More Fun Prepaid Cards click here.