BPI More Fun Prepaid Card

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Nowadays, most purchase transactions are already done through cards. In the past, only credit cards  are accepted in electronic purchase orders (EPS) but now we can already use our debit cards. Yet, our debit cards can only do as much because of its limitations. In our country, most debit cards offered by banks can't be used to purchase airline tickets which is very important for frustrated travelers like me. 

Yet, thanks to this new service by the Bank of the Philippine Islands and the Department of Tourism, we now have the More Fun In the Philippines Prepaid Card - VISA powered! This is very good for those who do not want to tie themselves to credit cards and for those who are not good in handling money like me (but I'm working to end this habit hehehe). As this is prepaid, you just have to load it when you need to purchase something and you can use it just like credit cards, everywhere where VISA is accepted. This doesn't require a maintaining balance and you only need to pay PHP 250.00 for the application fee.

Some more features:

Has 16 digit Card Number
Card Validity is 18 months
Card carries Cardholder's name
With signature panel at the back where cardholder signs the card
Has CVC 2/Card Verification 2 (3 digit number located at the right of the signature panel)
Reloadable up to 100,000.00

More Fun Prepaid Card cannot be used at the ATMs

To apply, you don't need to go to a BPI bank anymore as you can do it online. 

1. Go to and click the pink arrow pointing down.

I really like how they set up the page! It's responsive and it's very colorful. I love pastel colors! 

2. On the next page click the Apply call out. You will be directed to Step 1. 
Choose your card design from the gallery or upload your own! See? It's very customizable.

3. Fill in the details needed in Step 2 and Submit.

Find a BPI branch nearest to you where you can conveniently claim your card.

If the card is ready, you will be notified via email. Head to your nominated branch, present the printed Purchase Agreement Form (attached to the email) and your payment to claim your card. To start using it, just load it and viola! Enjoy shopping! :D

By the way, here's my card.

 I opt for the Philippine Tarsier picture because it's our pride (my father is a Boholano) and it's already endangered. I'm showing my support for their protection via this card. I find tarsiers very cute and fragile. I do hope we Filipino people will do our best to protect them especially now that they are declining in numbers. Please please don't take them as pets. Don't support any illegal activity concerning them. 

For more information about More Fun Prepaid Cards click here.

What I Do When I'm Feeling Blue

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Today has been a rough day for me. There are so many things going on right now.

 Each of us has a unique way of combating loneliness. What I'd usually do when I feel sad or lonely is to read inspiring quotes or find something to eat or just look at the trees to make to me feel better. But I think the weirdest and vainest thing I do is to look at my pictures, the ones where I'm smiling. Yes, I do that a lot when I feel blue. A picture can paint a thousand words, as they say. Pictures may not be able to communicate directly but just by seeing something positive helps me feel good in a matter of minutes. I find it weird and great at the same time.

As I said earlier, this day had been rough. So I looked at this picture taken in Baguio City. Seeing me smile like this, I feel contentment and freedom from anything negative. Well, this day will end after all. Everything's gonna be fine. Yes, it will be fine.

How about you? What do you usually do when you're feeling blue? :)

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."

OOTD: Neutral Friday

Friday, March 21, 2014
Hi guys! How have you been? I just wanna share with you my outfit for today at work. Well, because it's Friday, I'm more girly girly today. The colors are neutral with black and brown as the main theme.

I'm feeling really girly when I wear skater skirts. They're fun, they're light and they're kind'a childish and that's what I love about them.

 By the way, I just finished taking a bath when these photos were taken so I didn't bother to comb my hair nicely as they are still wet and that is a bad habit since the hair strands are still soft. You should let it dry (air dry) before combing it. 


Thank you Sir Lemz for this shots!

Just so you know, I am not into pricey clothes so I try to scour good finds in sales, unbranded boutiques and even in thrift shops. 

You don't have to spend much to be fashionable. All you need is resourcefulness, creativeness and a good eye for art because dressing up is an art more than anything else.

Have a great day friends! ☺

[ootd] black skater skirt by trend_dealer | unbranded brown top with hearts design (rob galleria) | belt by gozum | flats by australia Now

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
"Ang hindi na ginagamit, ibenta mo na!"
I bet you already heard this line in televisions and other campaigns of Sulit, an online platform where you can buy and sell items posted by its members (to which I am a member also). Today, Sulit has embarked into another journey as it is now known as So don't be surprised (like I did!) when your browser will redirect you to when you go to This change has been brought about by Sulit being now a member of the OLX network, one of the world's biggest ads network.

Image courtesy of

According to the post of one of its administrators, "The objective of changing our name to OLX is to get the attention of every Filipino that now’s the time to make some changes of their own and join the millions of people around the globe like in India, Brazil, and Portugal, who have already used OLX to sell their things.  The name change to OLX aims to inspire Filipinos to re-think what they know about Sulit, and to re-think what they have to sell online. The name OLX originally came as an abbreviation of the phrase ‘online exchange’."

With this, the website's interface is changed to showcase the new brand colors. Noticed the blues and oranges? Their android app is also upgraded to cater these changes. They are also expanding their customer support to attend to their customers' needs even on nights and weekends. 

Kudos to this Sulit team! I mean team! ;)  
Good luck on your future endeavors! 

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to Sulit nor I am paid to post this. All infos are found here.

Why I Love #TeamKramer

Monday, March 17, 2014
If you're an avid twitter user, you probably have heard, read or noticed about #TeamKramer which had trended a lot of times on Twitter PH. Team Kramer is a celebrity family here in the Philippines composed of Doug Kramer (dad), Chesca Garcia-Kramer (mom), Kendra Kramer (eldest daughter), Scarlett Kramer (second daughter), Gavin Kramer (youngest, only son).  Miss Chesca is a celebrity and endorser while Mr. Doug is a professional basketball player playing for the San Miguel Coffee, as of this writing.

From L-R: Chesca, Kendra, Gavin, Scarlett, Doug
Image courtesy of

I am an avid follower of their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. I believe that what caught the hearts of their fans was the three super-cute-to-the-nth-level children, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin. The charm these little kids have is just a delight to me and to the thousand of fans they have.  Miss Chesca and Mr. Doug is constantly posting photos and videos about them so I'm quite updated. I would often sneak a peek on my instagram when I am feeling stressed already at work because seeing the family's photos and videos of bonding moments just takes my stress away!

Today, I will not talk much about Mama Chesca and Papa Doug because they are already as famous as they are. I will talk more about their three angels which had totally captured my heart. 

Kendra, the eldest, have grown to be a pretty and witty little lady as showcased when the whole family guested in Vice Ganda's show, Gandang Gabi Vice, recently. Kendra, aka #kendrasuperstar totally blew away the audience with her confidence and adorable cuteness. I was laughing really hard with that episode as Vice was no match for her. Haha! I believe the #TagalogTime became popular (correct me if I'm wrong) because Kendra is being taught Tagalog words and her parents would post videos of her speaking cutely.  She has the celebrity potential as she is really confident in front of the camera aside from the fact that she is really pretty too. Look at that face! 
Uuuugh, I love you, Ate Kenken!

Image courtesy of Team Kramer Facebook Page

 Scarlett, aka  #scarlettdoll  is also called "Dolly" by her parents and fans because she really looks like a doll. She is a little "pilya" but is really sweet and shy too. And she has this enticingly kissable cheeks! For sure, she'll grow up as beautiful and as lovely as her ate Kenken and Mama Chesca one day. By the way, try to dig the famous video of Scar making "away" to her Ate Kenken. When their mom asked her "what did you do to Ate? ", Scar then pretended to be asleep. Hahaha! What a clever little miss this baby girl is!
Hello there, baby Scaaaaar!

Image courtesy of Team Kramer Facebook Page

And then, there's my baby boy crush Gavin, aka #gavincredible, the youngest and the only son of the family as of this writing. I just looooooove this little mister gwapo! His innocence is heart melting, really. And mind you, this boy will grow up a heartthrob one day. Just look at those tantalizing eyes! See now what I'm talking about? I hope he'll not break too many hearts though. Hehe.
Kisses, Gaviiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

Image courtesy of Team Kramer Facebook Page

So back to the question, why I love #TeamKramer? Simply because they are a wonderful wonderful  family. The parents do their best to raise their children in a very good way and they are very grounded on their faith which is really very important in raising a family that's God-loving and God-fearing. I so much love and adore this family and I hope I can be as good as a parent as Ms. Chesca and Mr. Doug one day. 

Thank you so much Team Kramer for sharing your family with all of us. May you continue to inspire the thousands of Filipino families through your good works and deeds!

If you want to know more about Team Kramer, follow their Facebook Page, Team Kramer.
Sorry for murdering the word "cute" here because they really are. I cant even! Cuteness overload!!!

PS :  They will be holding a #TeamKramerAtGlorietta meet-and-greet event on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 1-4PM. They will be giving 400 exclusive tickets for their lucky fans. Visit their facebook page for more info.

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22

It seems like yesterday when I celebrated my 21st birthday and now I'm 22! Cliché as it is, but time really flies so fast. Back when I was young, I honestly see people in their 20's as old. But time has proven me wrong. I mean look at me, do I look old in 22? Lol. Life is just getting exciting as I see it now.

So yeah, how did I celebrate my birthday? There's nothing elaborate about it aside from the fact that for the second time around, I had a birthday cake (my first, as far as I remember, was on my 20th when my college friends baked it for me). During past years, there used to be no celebration for my birthday as March was the time for final exams so the burden are quite huge for my parents. This year, thanks to my Asiatype Family, I had two birthday cakes! Yeeey!

Thank you, RF family!

Thank you, Miss Maribeth! 

My only wish when I blew the birthday candle was happiness and good health for everyone that I love and that no matter how tough the odds will be, we may overcome it all. Of course, I visited EDSA Shrine to offer thanksgiving to my greatest Friend and Creator. I thanked Him for giving me another year to live and to enjoy His blessings and wonderful creations. Life is a beautiful gift and I will live it to the fullest for His greater glory!

Big big thanks to all of you who remembered my day! I was teary-eyed reading the messages and greetings. I am so blessed to have you all. :)

I'm so excited to discover new things, meet new people and create new memories in my 22nd year.

Uh oh!
I don't know about you
But I'm feeling 22
Everything will be alright
If you keep me next to you
You don't know about me
But I'll bet you want to
Everything will be alright
If we just keep dancing like we're

~ 22 by Taylor Swift ~

Job Hunting Tips For Fresh Grads

Saturday, March 08, 2014
It’s graduation time once again! Alas! After years of toiling and burning your eyebrows, the reward is finally coming - your graduation diploma. I know of all you who's graduating this year have been really excited all along. All the excruciating pressure to comply the requirements, finish your thesis and pass your final exams will finally pay off. Party, party!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuut, reality will then slap you after some nights of celebrating, probably after being wasted from graduation parties. Yes, I’ve been there but in a not-so wasted way somehow. Haha.

SO, WHAT COMES NEXT? I don’t wanna spoil  your “celebration mode” but yes, no matter how happy you might get after graduating (Let’s skip the board exam part since I haven’t undergone that, shall we?), my dear friends WORK COMES NEXT. So today, let’s talk about how to get a job after graduation. The tips that I will tell you are just my own experiences. I just wanted to share it with you.

Image from

TIP # 1: Condition yourself

When looking for a job, it is very important to condition yourself for it. Remember, it will not be an easy task, unless of course, you are so awesome that companies will be the one to run after you. So if you are planning to get yourself in the workforce sooner, start conditioning yourself as early as now. Also, you can set a timeline, say give yourself a month to get a job.( I did it to myself. ) Repeat it everyday like a mantra. That way, you'll be reminded of your goal and you'd be pumped up to work for it. A little pressure will not hurt.

TIP # 2: Build an awesome resume

For sure you were taught in school how to make a resume. A resume is a summary of your background and experiences and is very vital in applying for a job. It basically tells the employeer about you. Try to highlight your achievements and skills. There are many tutorials online on how to build a remarkable resume so utilize it - read and research. I suggest you be honest on the things you put in. Don't blab. Polish your resume and make sure there aren't any errors, typographical or especially grammar of any sort. If you aren't confident of what you do, ask some help to those who know how to proofread. You don't want your resume to go into the shredder at first glance. Make sure to have something that will let you stand out.

TIP #3: Register for carrier sites, networking sites and join job fairs

Jobstreet and JobsDB are the leading career sites in the country from what I observed but there are other good sites too. Create an account and subscribe to their daily advertisements. That way, you'll know when there are vacancies. Jobs postings are usually done online now so have a valid and professional email. When I say valid, please don't use addresses like '' etc. You can opt to use your name as your email address because unprofessional email addresses are a big no-no! Companies are also using networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to advertise a job. Might as well use your accounts to browse and inform yourself. Furthermore, if you know any job fairs happening near you, attend it. Job fairs are a very great way to meet prospective employers. There are also on site interviews done there so you get to practice your conversational skills which is essential in interviews. You will always gain a thing or two with this events.

TIP #4: Apply apply apply

It is not enough to apply to just one or two companies. Submit applications to job postings that you think you are qualified or even to those that you are under qualified. Who knows, the recruiter might consider you. You can apply online or even walk in to companies because some prefer walk-ins. Don't be choosy for now. You'll have the liberty to choose when offers will come to you.

TIP #5: Be patient, think positive and never give up

Patience is needed in finding a job. One time after a day of job hunting, I cried because the one month I set for myself is almost over. But with the encouragement of my family and friends, thankfully I was able to find a job before the month ended. So you too must never give up and always believe that you can do it. Keep away from the negative people, they will do no good to you. Remember Law of Attraction? Tell the universe that you want this thing to happen. Always always think positive because sooner or later it will surely happen. Believe it, claim it!

These are just few of the things I can share with you. I hope you will all land in the job you wanted. Congratulations and welcome to the real world, friends! The industry awaits you. Good luck!!!!